Are Stretch Limos Safe?

OMAHA, Nebraska. You’re probably ridden in a stretch limo at some point in your life. Either you rented one with your friends to go to prom, rented one for a birthday, or rented a limo to get you to and from your wedding. Many people rent limos for special occasions because they believe that they are safer. After all, it’s better to have someone drive you to your destination in style rather than drinking and driving. After a recent tragic accident in upstate New York, some are wondering whether limos are that safe, after all. The crash, which killed 18 people riding in the limo and resulted in the deaths of two pedestrians, has been called the worst transportation accident in the state in 9 years. Are stretch limos safe? Read more

Could a Rule Change Reduce Football Concussions?

OMAHA, Nebraska. The Ivy League changed a single rule that reduced the number of concussions in players from 11 to 2. According to the New York Times, when the Ivy League moved the kickball and touchback lines by five yards, the number of concussions that players sustained was reduced. The minutes after kickoff, when players run down the field toward one another at full-force are the times at greatest risk for serious, life-altering, and even deadly concussions. Read more

Paralyzed Patients Walk Again with New Breakthrough for Personal Injury

OMAHA, Nebraska. For personal injury victims, one of the most devastating diagnoses is spinal cord injury. These injuries are permanent and can seriously impact a person’s quality of life and lifestyle. Up until recently, there haven’t been many breakthroughs in spinal cord research—at least until recently. Major scientific journals are reporting on a breakthrough in spinal cord injury research. With the implantation of an electrical stimulation device, paralyzed individuals have been able to walk again with walkers and with assistance. Scientific American reports on the new device which sends electrical signals to the spine. Read more

Centers for Disease Control Releases Guidelines for Children and Concussions

OMAHA, Nebraska. A car accident or slip and fall injury can be devastating enough when adults alone are involved. But, when children are involved in these accidents, they can be particularly devastating. Childhood concussions are particularly risky because children’s brains are still growing and maturing. A serious concussion can put children at greater risk of long-term disability. The New York Times reports that the Centers for Disease Control recently released new guidelines for children suffering from concussion injuries. The new guidelines particularly speak to the treatment of mild traumatic brain injury in children. Read more

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