Chinese and Italian Doctors Talk About Doing a Head Transplant

OMAHA, Nebraska. Two doctors, one from China and the other from Italy have become more vocal about pioneering a human head transplant. The grisly surgery, they claim, would give a living patient whose body is suffering from a degenerative disease the chance to get a new body, while allowing a person who suffered deadly traumatic brain injury the ability to donate their body. Would you donate your body for this purpose? Read more

Hover boards Recalled Due to Fire Risk—Are Sellers Responsible for Injuries?

OMAHA, Nebraska. According to NPR, over 500,000 hover boards were recently recalled due to the risk that they could catch fire. The Consumer Product Safety Commission noted that while not all devices sold were included in the recall, consumers should still consider discarding hover boards because of the fire risk. If you own a hover board and are not sure whether it is subject to a recall, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that consumers contact the manufacturer and request a refund, replacement, or repair. Read more

Spinal Compression Injuries After Car Accidents Can Be Hard to Treat

OMAHA, Nebraska. Spinal cord injuries can occur suddenly and be life-altering. Victims may lose range of motion and may require weeks to months of rehabilitation. They may require adaptive technologies and may experience significant lifestyle changes after these accidents. Spinal cord injuries are among the most serious and life-altering injuries that victims of car accidents can face. Read more

College and Student Personal Injury

OMAHA, Nebraska. Parents send their kids away to college with the expectation that they will be safe. They may assume that dorm staff, teachers, and other support staff will be there for their children. Parents may expect—reasonably—that they will be contacted if their children are not doing well, or if they need additional support. Yet, a recent article in the New York Times, highlights the fact that some students don’t always receive the support they need, and parents may not always be aware of their children’s risk for suicide and depression. In fact, according to the New York Times, when students seek psychological help or when students are at risk of failing school, parents may not always be informed.

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Injured from E. Coli? Sick? Investigators Still Trying to Understand Source of Outbreak

OMAHA, Nebraska. According to the New York Times, the recent romaine lettuce E coli outbreak has been traced to a farm in Yuma, Arizona. The outbreak has affected people in at least 25 states, and killed one person in California. Alarmingly, investigators looking into the source of the E coli contamination have yet to identify the source of the illness.

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