First Public Test of Self-Driving Cars is on the Horizon

OMAHA, Nebraska. Self-driving cars are generally portrayed as a technological leap that will happen long into the future. However, in a city called Chandler, Arizona, in just the next few weeks, residents will be able to hail driverless cars. According to the Atlantic, the program is known as Waymo One, and it will be the first time driverless vehicles will be available on the road commercially. Read more

How AI and Deep Learning Will Change Insurance Claims

OMAHA, Nebraska. Artificial intelligence is getting better and better than ever at analyzing insurance claims, crunching big numbers, and helping insurance providers match their clients with the coverage they need. According to Forbes, more insurance companies can use artificial intelligence to analyze each consumer’s needs and offer them insurance packages that work best for them. Likewise, these same companies can process claims more readily after a crash, often without even requiring a human adjuster to do any of the work. While this can be great for the insurance companies in terms of money and time saved, policyholders need to be aware of how this process can impact their claims and the value of their settlement. Computers can make errors. Sometimes these errors don’t get caught, especially if insurance holders don’t speak up. Some policyholders may not even be aware that they can dispute a denied claim. Other policyholders may not be aware that they can fight for more money if their claim doesn’t cover their expenses. Read more

Can Your Emotions Impact Your Driving?

OMAHA, Nebraska. Feeling bad, sad, or under the weather? According to the New York Times, people who don’t feel well are more likely to make better judgement calls. Feeling under the weather emotionally might make us more critical and therefore might make us better decision makers in crucial situations. According to the Times, the human ability to be guided by sadness, fear, anxiety, and suspicion has evolutionary advantages. It helps us avoid dangerous situations. Driving is one such potentially dangerous situation where a little added caution and care can always be beneficial. Read more

How to Keep Your Dog Safe While Riding in Your Car

OMAHA, Nebraska. According to Outside Online, an unrestrained dog in a car can become a flying projectile, that not only puts the dog’s life at risk but also its human companions sitting in the car. Here at Rensch & Rensch Law, we often write about the importance of having the right car safety seat for your child, or about the importance of buckling up every time you ride or drive. But what about safety for our furry friends? And how does animal passenger safety translate to human safety? Read more

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