Is Biking with Kids Dangerous?

OMAHA, Nebraska. As biking in cities becomes more popular, more and more people are choosing to bike with their children in tow. Bicyclists are vulnerable road users. If a biker is hit by a car, the biker is more likely to sustain injuries. When drivers make mistakes, the people most likely to be hurt are the ones riding in bikes. So, when people see bikers riding with their children in car seats or in trailers behind their bikes, the first reaction might be that these riders are endangering their children. But are they?

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The Complexity Of Medical Malpractice Cases In Nebraska

Medical malpractice is perhaps the most controversial topic in American society. Many Americans believe doctors to possess god-like capabilities and that they can do no wrong. On one side doctors and the healthcare industry claims that Malpractice suits are an excuse used by unsatisfied patients who had unrealistic expectations yet on the flip side of that argument are those people who have suffered from gross and obvious negligence on behalf of doctors or other healthcare providers. A graphic and disturbing example is that of a woman left dead on the waiting room floor in a New York hospital. The majority of doctors and nurses are probably competent medical providers, however, mistakes can still be made. Even the best doctors will make mistakes during their career. Read more

Sleep Studies Offer Insights on Why You Shouldn’t Drive While You’re Tired

OMAHA, Nebraska. Under the Federal Motor Carrier Administration’s rules and regulations, truck drivers are required to limit their driving to 11 hours of service. The law limits how long truck drivers can be behind the wheel for a given stretch of time. The law is in place because driving while fatigued is considered dangerous. The Federal Motor Carrier Administration notes that long hours are associated with increased risk of accidents and increased risk of health complications for drivers.

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Dram Shop Claims

Many people who enter bars and similar establishments obviously leave in an intoxicated state. When someone chooses to drink and drive, that person should be held accountable for any harm caused because of his or her decision to break the law. Excess consumption of alcohol affects one’s physical capabilities and decision-making skills and has potentially dangerous consequences. Victims of someone else’s drunken negligence in Texas can hold that person accountable. Furthermore, Texas also holds those serving the alcohol accountable as well such as the establishment or bar that served alcohol to the drunk driver. If you go through the drink menus of popular restaurants, it is not surprising that they make a large percentage of their profit from liquor sales.

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Safety Tips for Driving in the Cold

OMAHA, Nebraska. Temperatures across the U.S. have dropped significantly in the past few weeks, bringing shocking and record-breaking cold temperatures across North America. QZ reports that Canada is colder than Mars. It has snowed in Florida. Sharks have been washing up on beaches, frozen solid. However, the freezing cold also brings some practical considerations for drivers. For example, QZ reports that when temperatures drop below 0 degrees Fahrenheit road salt becomes ineffective. Salt water has a freezing point around 0 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning that at these temperatures, even the salt water freezes. For drivers trying to get from point A to point B in below-0 temperatures, this could mean icier and more hazardous roads.

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