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Examples of Our Results

$3.5 million SPR recently garnered a $3,500,000.00 confidential settlement in a difficult wrongful death case for a then newly married woman who lost her husband in an accident. That case involved complicated facts, including allegations and expert evidence reflecting that our client’s husband was also negligent in causing the accident. The defendant was a national company with enormous defense resources and the best insurance defense lawyers money could buy.

$740,000 SPR recently resolved a case (on the eve of trial) involving an industrial explosion and resulting eye injuries to our client, for over $740,000.00. The defendants’ experts (which included some of our own client’s treating physicians) opined that the explosion had nothing to do with our client’s vision issues. It was a tough case to say the least. The lawsuit had been filed in Douglas County District Court, but the terms of the settlement are strictly confidential, so the names of the parties cannot be revealed in this forum.

Recent Breaking News from The Nebraska Supreme Court!!! In the case of Avis Rent A Car Sys. v. McDavid, 313 Neb. 479 (2023), the State’s highest court found in favor of our client, Roynetta McDavid, reversing a lower court’s decision to the contrary. Sean took this case on, pro bono, because he felt Ms. McDavid was being unfairly taken advantage of by a giant corporation. Avis was wrongfully attempting to take tens of thousands of dollars from its own customer after a crash. The trial court judge fell for Avis’s antics, but we knew he was wrong and appealed the decision to the Nebraska Supreme Court. This case should be a lesson for any corporation who plans to try to take advantage of human beings in our beloved State. There are lawyers in Nebraska (like Sean and Richard Rensch) who will fight like hell to seek and obtain justice for good people bullied by giant corporations and their minions. [See the enclosed February 15, 2023 article titled “Neb. Supreme: Customer Doesn’t Owe Avis for ‘Voluntary’ Payment” written by Jim Sams in the Claims Journal, detailing the arduous battle and the outcome.]

$1.2 million judgment in a wrongful death trial.

$6 million+ settlement of a complex claim during litigation in Federal Court.

$3.18 million settlement of a complex negligence claim just before trial was to begin.

$575,000 result during trial of a slip and fall claim against a prominent Omaha landmark.

$500,000 settlement of a case that was filed in Sarpy County District Court. Case involved a teenager who suffered injuries while sledding on school grounds.

$886,000 judgment in the trial of a securities fraud case that had been filed in Douglas County District Court.

Medical malpractice claims/cases resulting in millions of dollars paid out to our clients.

Car, Truck and Motorcycle claims/cases resulting in settlements and/or verdicts paying millions of dollars to our clients.

Workers’ compensation claims and cases with settlements and/or Awards resulting in millions of dollars paid to our clients. Many Awards/Settlements have resulted in life time benefits being paid to our clients.

Professional negligence claims (including legal malpractice claims) pursued by R&R Law on behalf of our clients, with multi-million dollar results.

$886,220.56  judgment in the District Court of Douglas County, Sean secured an $886,220.56 judgment for his client in a complicated financial fraud case. This matter involved extensive litigation and a number of witnesses. It was a hard-fought case that ended with a favorable result for Sean’s client. [See Douglas County District Court, Case No. CI 11-8217, Collett v. Mottin.]