Omaha and Columbus Whistleblower Litigation Attorney

Did you witness and report illegal or unethical acts committed at your workplace? Did you suffer retaliation for it? Are you considering changing employers or professions because of a false claimagainst you?

The false claims, qui tam and whistleblower lawsuit law firm that is dedicated to protecting your rights in Nebraska and Iowa is Rensch & Rensch Law in Omaha. Our skilled lawyers bring 45 years of combined experience, proven legal skills and reputation for results to work hard toward a practical, lasting resolution of your legal problem.

[box color=”blue”]We are a determined advocate for employee clients, especially if you suffered whistleblower retaliation after opposing or reporting your employer’s illegal actions.Rensch & Rensch Law is ready to be your voice in negotiation with or litigation against an employer’s legal team if necessary.[/box]

Our clients in qui tam cases, a type of action on behalf of the U.S. government, are an original source of information that a company has submitted false claims for payment such as fraudulent Medicare or Medicaid claims. Our law firm can help you pursue legal action on behalf of the federal government, and you may be entitled to a percentage of the collected compensation.

Regardless of your compelling legal issue, we extend attentive 24/7 personal service, maximum availability to your sudden questions, and a contingency fee basis for our work that eliminates any concern you might have about the cost of our quality representation. You owe no attorney fees unless we win your case.

Rensch & Rensch Law — Decades of Combined Experience, Over 100 Jury Trials

State and federal law provides protection for whistleblowers from retaliation such as termination, demotion, papering of a file, or harassment by co-workers or supervisors. Our Omaha law firm has handled many cases involving whistleblower retaliation for reporting illegal activity by an employer, such as:

  • Failure to pay overtime
  • Misclassification of federal contractors
  • Orders to falsify loan or banking documents
  • Orders to cover up undocumented workers
  • Medicare or Medicaid billing fraud

If your employer committed fraud against the government, as in the case of Medicare or Medicaid billing fraud, we can help you pursue a qui tam claim under the False Claims Act.

Contact Rensch & Rensch Law today. To speak with an experienced Omaha false claims attorney in a free initial consultation, call us at 800-471-4100 or send an e-mail. Evening and weekend appointments are available upon request.

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