How to Keep Your Dog Safe While Riding in Your Car

OMAHA, Nebraska. According to Outside Online, an unrestrained dog in a car can become a flying projectile, that not only puts the dog’s life at risk but also its human companions sitting in the car. Here at Rensch & Rensch Law, we often write about the importance of having the right car safety seat for your child, or about the importance of buckling up every time you ride or drive. But what about safety for our furry friends? And how does animal passenger safety translate to human safety? Read more

Car Accident Numbers Increase in States Where Marijuana Has Been Legalized

OMAHA, Nebraska. Marijuana remains illegal in Nebraska, despite the legalization of the drug in Colorado. There have been reports of officers in Nebraska targeting drivers entering the state from Colorado, trying to catch drivers transporting the drug across state lines and attempting to stop dangerous intoxicated drivers from driving on Nebraska roads. As the states debate whether to legalize marijuana or soften laws regarding possession, initial reports are coming out that reveal some of the risks of legalization. Read more

Duck Boat Company Invokes Maritime Law to Avoid Liability

OMAHA, Nebraska. CNN reports that a duck boat company is invoking an arcane maritime law to avoid liability for a recent accident that left nine members in a single family dead. The law dates back to the 1850s and states that a claim against any vessel cannot exceed the value of the vessel itself. The duck boat company claims that the vessel is a total loss, and that this limits the company’s liability. Read more

Are Stretch Limos Safe?

OMAHA, Nebraska. You’re probably ridden in a stretch limo at some point in your life. Either you rented one with your friends to go to prom, rented one for a birthday, or rented a limo to get you to and from your wedding. Many people rent limos for special occasions because they believe that they are safer. After all, it’s better to have someone drive you to your destination in style rather than drinking and driving. After a recent tragic accident in upstate New York, some are wondering whether limos are that safe, after all. The crash, which killed 18 people riding in the limo and resulted in the deaths of two pedestrians, has been called the worst transportation accident in the state in 9 years. Are stretch limos safe? Read more

Could a Rule Change Reduce Football Concussions?

OMAHA, Nebraska. The Ivy League changed a single rule that reduced the number of concussions in players from 11 to 2. According to the New York Times, when the Ivy League moved the kickball and touchback lines by five yards, the number of concussions that players sustained was reduced. The minutes after kickoff, when players run down the field toward one another at full-force are the times at greatest risk for serious, life-altering, and even deadly concussions. Read more

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