Would Self-Driving Cars Reduce the Number of Personal Injury Lawsuits?


Apple, Tesla, and dozens of other heavy-hitting tech companies have invested billions into developing the first mass-produced driverless cars. The widespread adoption of self-driving vehicles seems inevitable, and the technology is anticipated to have a profoundly positive impact on road safety.

A report from Forbes estimates that driverless cars could prevent up to 90 percent of all collision and save nearly 30,000 lives per year. As a result, the number of personal injury lawsuits would drop dramatically because car accidents are the leading cause of injury claims.

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Read on to learn four potential benefits of self-driving cars:

  1. Reduce Traffic Congestion

The software that powers driverless cars must be able to calculate speed, distances between vehicles, and other metrics in order to prevent accidents. One potential advantage of these capabilities is reduced traffic congestion because vehicles will be able to drive closer together without causing a rear-end collision.

  1. Prevent Emergency Room Visits

Car accidents are a leading cause of hospital visits. Broken bones, brain trauma, lacerations, and other injuries are expensive to treat, and those costs often trickle down to taxpayers. Google estimates that driverless cars could reduce crash-related expenses by $400 billion.

  1. Lower Auto Insurance Premiums

Even if driverless car technology is perfected in the near future, it may be several years until these vehicles are widely adopted. However, insurance companies are expected to offer lower premiums to drivers who own these vehicles because they are less likely to be involved in accidents.

  1. Improve Gas Mileage

Technology is already available to help drivers adjust their acceleration patterns to minimize fuel consumption. Driverless cars are expected to use similar technology to optimize gas mileage.

Uber has already introduced a fleet of driverless cars, but the technology still has its fair share of flaws. Until the world’s leading tech companies iron out the kinks, motor vehicle accidents will continue to be a leading cause of injuries and death in the United States.

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