Spinal Compression Injuries After Car Accidents Can Be Hard to Treat


OMAHA, Nebraska. Spinal cord injuries can occur suddenly and be life-altering. Victims may lose range of motion and may require weeks to months of rehabilitation. They may require adaptive technologies and may experience significant lifestyle changes after these accidents. Spinal cord injuries are among the most serious and life-altering injuries that victims of car accidents can face.

According to Hopkins Medicine, there are different types of spinal injuries, from bruising, partial tears, to complete tears. According to Hopkins Medicine, every year there are about 12,000 new cases of spinal injuries with approximately 250,000 people living with the injury. Spinal injuries can result in permanent disability or death. There are incomplete and complete spinal cord injuries, but both kinds of injury can result in serious disability and major lifestyle changes for victims. One of the common causes of spinal cord injuries is car accidents as well as slip and falls. Spinal injuries can result in loss of function, bladder control problems, blood pressure problems, breathing issues, digestive problems, and a host of other serious conditions.

According to the CBC, after a bus carrying a whole team of hockey players crashed, several of the players suffered serious and life-altering injuries. Spinal injuries were among the more serious injuries the players experienced. While the victims received immediate medical care, there is only so much doctors can do after a patient suffers a serious spinal injury. Rehabilitation can help patients lead independent lives, but full recovery isn’t likely given current technology. While there are currently research projects underway to test different spinal cord injury treatments, many patients suffering from spinal cord injury face a long road to recovery.

When it comes to spinal cord injuries, rehabilitation is essential. The kind of rehabilitation that patients receive is crucial to helping patients enjoy a productive life and independence. For example, one of the patients suffering a serious spinal injury in the recent bus accident was invited to the Shriners Hospital for Children which has specialized pediatric spinal cord injury care. Receiving specialized care after such a serious injury can make a big difference in the potential outcome for your case.

Yet, this care can be incredibly costly for victims and families. A high vertebrae spinal cord injury can cost over a million dollars to treat and rehabilitate in the first year alone. This doesn’t begin to account for the yearly costs of living with this kind of injury. The costs can be in the thousands of dollars, for equipment, nursing care, and ongoing medical care.

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