Three Steps to Take if You Think You’ve Been in a Drunk Driving Accident


OMAHA, Nebraska. New Year’s Day is the most dangerous day of the year when it comes to drunk driving. According to the New York Times, alcohol will be a factor in roughly 50% of the accidents that take place on New Year’s Day. If you’ve been in a crash and suspect that the other driver may have been drinking, there are certain steps you can take to protect your rights. Here are three things to keep in mind if you believe you have been in an accident with a drunk driver over the holiday.

  1. Report the crash to the police. The police have the authority to require both drivers to submit to breath or blood tests to determine whether drunk driving was a factor in a crash. According to the Nebraska Department of Transportation, any accident resulting in more than $1000 in property damage, or resulting in injury or death to another person must be reported to the Nebraska DOT within ten days of the accident taking place. However, it is best to report the crash right after it takes place. If the other driver has been drinking, blood and breath tests can determine this only if they are administered shortly after the crash. If both drivers have been drinking, however, both parties might face the consequences of drunk driving. If another driver was drinking and this resulted in your accident, the other driver may be held negligent for your accident.
  2. Report the crash to your insurance company. If another driver was negligent for a crash, his or her insurance will usually be responsible for paying for damages. While drunk driving may not automatically result in a person being held negligent, drunk driving is often a major consideration when determining negligence after a crash. Even if the other driver is entirely responsible for the accident, it is still important to report the accident to your insurance company.
  3. Consider speaking to a qualified car accident lawyer in Omaha, Nebraska. In the aftermath of a drunk driving accident, you may have to negotiate many moving parts. For example, you may have to submit police reports to insurance companies. If the other driver was responsible for your crash, his or her insurance company may be responsible for paying your claim. If your damages exceed these insurance limits, you may be entitled to seek additional damages through a lawsuit. Rensch & Rensch Law are Omaha, Nebraska car accident lawyers who can help you navigate the claims process. Our firm can review your case, help you understand your rights, and fight to help you get the best possible settlement permitted under the law. Visit us at to learn more.

Drunk driving results in serious injury and death every year. Unfortunately, many drivers fail to make plans before they hit the road on New Year’s Day and in the days and weeks of the New Year, they may be facing the consequences of their actions. If you’ve been hurt or have been involved in an accident with a drunk driver, protect your rights. Speak to a qualified car accident lawyer today.

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