Reacting Appropriately To a Hit & Run Accident


Before the victim of a hit & run accident is able to perform any other activities, they must first assess their health and determine if medical assistance is necessary. Although they may not have the wits to check for certain items without knowing what to look for in these situations unless they have been trained to do so, they still should contact medical assistance or the police, look for license plate numbers, and make efforts recover as quickly as possible.

If a claim against the driver is necessary to help in the victim’s recovery, they need to perform certain activities during and after the hit and run.

Point Of Contact in the Hit and Run Accident

Prior to seeking a legal remedy, the pedestrian should attempt to write down or memorize the license plate number of the vehicle they collided with in the accident. If a person hits and runs, they may slow down or stop long enough for the victim to check these details. The victim should call the police next, although first contact may go to medical emergency services that may accompany local law enforcement officers. When a person suffers injury, they should seek medical help first and later they may have the mental capacity to communicate with police.

Dealing With Insurance Companies

After the incident the victim should contact their insurance company and provide them with any details or data they need about the hit and run. If the victim does not possess the license plate or other personal information from the car that hit them, they may need to file a claim without this information until the investigation ends. An insurance adjuster may become involved to determine how to proceed with the incident. If the carrier does not offer a reasonable settlement, the victim should hire an auto accident attorney immediately.

Things to Avoid After A Hit & Run Accident

Sometimes victims of hit and runs may seek revenge or want to confront the driver before they get away. Leaving the scene of the accident typically nullifies any possibility of seeking justice or compensation for the incident. A confrontation could lead to criminal charges for the victim. Blocking traffic while waiting for the police is also not advisable. If the victim is in the middle of the road or at a turn, they could cause another accident if they don’t move over to the side. Seeking a safe place is important.

Once the primary processes finish, the victim needs to contact an auto accident attorney. If they need help gathering evidence, the attorney is able to assist in this regard in addition to pursuing legal recourse through a lawsuit to seek compensation.

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