Is Biking with Kids Dangerous?


OMAHA, Nebraska. As biking in cities becomes more popular, more and more people are choosing to bike with their children in tow. Bicyclists are vulnerable road users. If a biker is hit by a car, the biker is more likely to sustain injuries. When drivers make mistakes, the people most likely to be hurt are the ones riding in bikes. So, when people see bikers riding with their children in car seats or in trailers behind their bikes, the first reaction might be that these riders are endangering their children. But are they?

According to Outside Online, one informal survey of bike fatalities found no children killed in bike accidents. In fact, driving with your children in a car may be more dangerous. And, this doesn’t even take into account the number of children killed when a car backs up or when children are left in hot cars. Studies have found that experienced-looking bikers (the ones with all the gear) are more likely to suffer injuries because drivers may assume that they are more capable of evading accidents. Bikers with children are likely to be perceived as vulnerable, which means that drivers may be more likely to show caution around them. Furthermore, bikes with baby trailers have a higher profile, which makes these vehicles more likely to be seen by drivers when sharing the road.

Yet, biking with a child on board means that additional consequences should be considered. According to, you may need more time to stop with a child on board. Only children who are old enough to support their own heads (children 12 months old and older) should be permitted to ride in a rear bike seat. Towing a child in a trailer is safest and parents are warned to avoid busy streets. Finally, children should be equipped with a properly-fitting helmet. In the event of an accident, head injury is a serious risk.

The truth is that any kind of transportation poses its own danger. A child riding in a car faces certain risks while a child riding in a bike faces other risks. At the end of the day, parents need to be aware of the risks of each mode of transportation and take means to protect their children. Helmet use, careful planning of a bike route, and general bike safety can all lead to safe travels for both parents and children.

Do you bike with your children in tow? Do you feel safe doing it?

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