Reacting Appropriately To a Hit & Run Accident

Before the victim of a hit & run accident is able to perform any other activities, they must first assess their health and determine if medical assistance is necessary. Although they may not have the wits to check for certain items without knowing what to look for in these situations unless they have been trained to do so, they still should contact medical assistance or the police, look for license plate numbers, and make efforts recover as quickly as possible. Read more

College and Student Personal Injury

OMAHA, Nebraska. Parents send their kids away to college with the expectation that they will be safe. They may assume that dorm staff, teachers, and other support staff will be there for their children. Parents may expect—reasonably—that they will be contacted if their children are not doing well, or if they need additional support. Yet, a recent article in the New York Times, highlights the fact that some students don’t always receive the support they need, and parents may not always be aware of their children’s risk for suicide and depression. In fact, according to the New York Times, when students seek psychological help or when students are at risk of failing school, parents may not always be informed.

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Injured from E. Coli? Sick? Investigators Still Trying to Understand Source of Outbreak

OMAHA, Nebraska. According to the New York Times, the recent romaine lettuce E coli outbreak has been traced to a farm in Yuma, Arizona. The outbreak has affected people in at least 25 states, and killed one person in California. Alarmingly, investigators looking into the source of the E coli contamination have yet to identify the source of the illness.

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Passengers Suing Airlines for Personal Injuries Suffered on Flights

OMAHA, Nebraska. A Southwest Airlines flight suffered catastrophic engine failure mid-air, leaving one passenger dead, and at least one other passenger experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder. Now, at least one passenger who was on that flight is suing Southwest Airlines for punitive damages as a result of the fateful flight. According to CNN, the passenger who is suing the airline was seated just three rows behind the woman who died. The passenger’s lawyer claims that the woman has been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, distress, and depression, as well as personal injuries.

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Are Young Girls and Young Women Being Emotionally Injured by School Dress Codes?

OMAHA, Nebraska. The New York Times recently reported on an incident that has led to outrage against school officials in a Florida high school. After a young woman suffered a sun burn, she chose to attend school without wearing a bra. Despite the fact that bras are not listed as required attire in the school’s dress code, the young woman was called into the office and forced to put on an undershirt. When school officials determined that this wasn’t sufficient coverage, the girl was asked to cover herself with tape. This humiliating incident has drawn the attention of students, parents, and lawyers across the country. What happens when school dress codes go too far? What can parents do to protect their daughters when a school dress code or its enforcement leads to emotional distress?

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