1 Killed, 2 Injured in Fiery Crash on I-80


One man died and two others were injured in a fiery crash on I-80. According to Omaha World-Herald, the accident occurred at around 1 p.m. when a speeding work van drove off an interstate ramp, rolled, and caught fire.

One of the men was pronounced dead at the scene. Another was transported to Methodist Hospital with minor injuries. A third man suffered burns to his legs and was transported to Nebraska Medical Center; authorities suspect that he was ejected from the vehicle.

Although the cause of the accident is still under investigation, it is likely that driver error played a role. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driver errors contribute to about 94 percent of all traffic accidents.

If you were injured or lost a loved one in a wreck with a negligent motorist, you may be entitled to compensation for economic and non-economic damages. An Omaha accident lawyer from Rensch & Rensch Law can evaluate your case to determine if you have grounds for a claim. Call 1-800-471-4100 today to schedule a free initial consultation.

5 Tips to Help You Avoid Accidents on the Interstate

Accidents that happen on high-speed interstates are more likely to result in severe injuries or death. The following five tips will reduce your risk of being involved in a collision on the interstate:

  1. Obey the Speed Limit

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, speeding contributed to about 27 percent of all traffic fatalities in 2015. Remember to adjust your speed to the conditions; as a result of thumb, reduce your speed by at least one-third when driving in poor weather.

  1. Maintain a Safe Following Distance

When driving in clear weather, maintain at least three seconds of following distance between your car and the vehicle ahead. When driving in low-visibility conditions, double your following distance to six seconds.

  1. Stay in the Right Lane

Far too many drivers forget that the left lane is for passing. Stay to the right so traffic can flow uninterrupted.

  1. Drive Predictably

Helping other motorists anticipate your actions is a key principle of defensive driving. Remember to use your turn signals, maintain a consistent speed, and start engaging your brakes early if traffic ahead of you starts to slow.

  1. Help Other Drivers See You

Use your headlights when driving at night, and never travel in other vehicles’ blind spots. This is particularly important when driving next to 18-wheelers with large blind spots.

Unfortunately, even the most diligent motorists cannot avoid all accidents. If you were hurt by a negligent driver in Nebraska, contact Rensch & Rensch Law to discuss your case.

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